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We support the tall aims and hands-on learning embraced by imaginative skilled trades students and teachers, mentors and administrators—and the circle of community supporting them.

“Our kids aren’t afraid of hard work and appreciate the value of trades related careers that will support their families and provide a good living for themselves.”

-Sherie Moran, Carpentry Teacher, North Marion High School, OR

Harbor Freight Fellows Initiative

Partnering with Big Picture Learning with a 3 year, $1.2 million grant, the Harbor Freight Fellows Initiative is focusing on youth with exceptional knowledge and skills in a trade to help them develop competencies and accomplishments needed for life after high school and the workplace. This partnership will allow students with “golden hands” and an interest in the trades to fully utilize Big Picture’s student-centered model of education.

Harbor Freight Scholars Program

The Harbor Freight Scholars Program is slated to be a deep, four-year investment in selected high schools in Ventura County, CA to boost great learning in the skilled trades.  The program would fund enhanced skilled trades classroom offerings, internships, tool donations, and industry-recognized credentials for students and teachers.  We approach this program with a desire to stay grounded in day-to-day learning in classrooms, and to show others that real investment in the skilled trades gets results.

Harbor Freight EdCorps

We’re partnering with Real World Scholars to create Harbor Freight EdCorps, which will support students in skilled trades classrooms to create online businesses and sell what they make. Beginning in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Tennessee, and California, and hopefully expanding, we seek to support entrepreneurship in the skilled trades–helping students learn by doing and experiencing what it really takes to start something new.

Exploring the Arts

Harbor Freight Tools for Schools has a four-year commitment to Exploring the Arts (ETA), a nonprofit in NYC and LA founded by Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto. Their determined view of the arts as a craft and trade to be honed made ETA a natural partner. ETA’s outstanding track record helping students find their passion inspired us. We are honored to support their work to provide greater equity in arts funding and opportunity for high school students.