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21st Century Culture Change

We are exploring novel, long-term ways to change the perception that CTE and skilled trades are somehow not first-rate, intelligent choices for study, career, and life.

Student Voice

Kristopher McCoy

MetWest High School in Oakland, CA

“The shop I’m working at right now is Transmission Services in Oakland. The work I’m doing is removing, repairing, and replacing transmissions; it’s just not as easy as it may sound. Why this trade matters to me is because it’s honest, skilled labor. I can grow and learn every day. I can honestly say it’s in my blood line to work on and build cars in my spare and shop time. My hobby time is to work on my 1995 z28 LT1 Camaro!  What really I care about most is where and what I’m going to be doing after high school. My personal interests are building and making projects, but I’m young, innovative and ready to learn and willing to see where life takes me. I am very interested in having my own business.”