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[UPDATE] Horatio Alger Association Extends Date of 2017 CTE Scholarship Program

This year the Horatio Alger had 3700 students start an application for the Career & Technical Education Scholarship. After the first deadline of June 15, they were able to award 950 new CTE scholars for 2017. However, because their goal is to award 1020 new scholars, the Horatio Alger Association has reopened the application and extended the deadline to August 31. Please encourage your students to visit to complete an online application today.

The Career & Technical Education Scholarship will award each scholar up to $2500 in scholarship funds. Students attending not for profit institutions (community colleges or technical schools) are eligible to apply if pursuing a CTE degree or certificate. Awarded students may request $625 for each eligible semester enrolled to be used toward eligible tuition and fees.

To learn more about the CTE scholarship or to apply online, students should visit

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Association at 703-684-9444 or email Enrique Ramirez directly at