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About Us

We are a charitable initiative of The Smidt Foundation established by Eric Smidt, Harbor Freight Tools CEO/co-founder, and grounded in deep respect for the dignity of the skilled trades and people who work with their hands.

Why Harbor Freight Tools for Schools

The need for excellent skilled trades education in public high schools is pressing- offering opportunity, boosting graduation rates, paths to good jobs and a talented workforce our country needs.

Our Core Values


We are part of the community; we believe in participating and giving back.

Doing the Right Thing

Growing opportunity is the right thing.


We are respectful; good listeners. We want to learn, share, and contribute.


We want to make a real difference with our dollars and time.


We believe in the wisdom and power of great partnerships.

Excellence in Execution

We greatly value the sweat and hard work involved in making things happen.

Continuous Improvement

We always look to improve, and data is a handy tool to track progress.

Inspired by the trades: the evolution of Harbor Freight Tools for Schools.

Combining entrepreneurship and determination with humility and respect.

Skilled trade educators and sector leaders help guide our work and keep it grounded.